LUNCH:ON Team’s Favorite Lunches

The LUNCH:ON Team's Favorite Lunchtime Dishes (Part 3)

Drum roll please… We’re back with round 3 of LUNCH:ON’s favorite dishes! This time we not only asked the people in the Dubai office but we also reached out to some of our team members in our offices in Cairo, Egypt, and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to see what they love to order on LUNCH:ON whenever they come to visit our HQ in Dubai!

Tossed’s Halloumi & Roasted Vegetable

Yasmin, our lead designer, who works remotely from Cairo, Egypt loves her food to look as good as her designs. She recently visited the Dubai HQ and was eager to order using LUNCH:ON. During her time here, she fell in love with all of Tossed’s salads. Her favorite was the Halloumi and Roasted Vegetable Salad not only because it tastes amazing but also because it is extremely aesthetically pleasing (she is a designer after all)!

A white bowl full of lettuce, roasted pumpkin, onion, and halloumi.

Applebee’s Beef Burger Quesadilla

Shahenda, our Visual Content Designer, working remotely from Cairo, Egypt, is a self-confessed food fanatic. She was excited to come to Dubai not only to work with the team here but to try out the LUNCH:ON menu (it was her first visit to the Dubai office!). As a burger and quesadilla lover, she was ecstatic to see Applebee’s Beef Burger Quesadilla on the menu. The reason this is the favorite? It’s two of the best meals in one!

A stack of two quesadilla's filled with a beef burger patty. Next to it sits a large stack of fries.

Circle Café’s Crunchy Noodle Salad

Remi, our market launcher in Saudi Arabia, visits the Dubai office frequently. Whenever he is in town, he checks the menu to see if Circle Café is featured that day. Circle Cafe is a UAE favorite and is always at the top of Remi’s list when he’s in Dubai. Remi, as a market launcher, isn’t afraid to try new things that are a little out of the ordinary. That’s why Circle’s Crunchy Noodle Salad is his favorite. The salad comes with crunchy noodles mixed into a more traditional chicken salad, giving it a unique crunchy texture with every bite!

A round white bowl with chicken, lettuce, cabbage, and noodles. A lemon wedge is also placed on top.

Bert’s Café’s Beef Lasagna

Sarah Seville, one of our Sales Growth Representatives in our Dubai office, chose the lasagna from Bert’s Café as her go-to meal. She chose the lasagna because it’s the perfect comfort food, especially on the rare rainy days in the UAE. Tucking into a delicious cheesy lasagna is the perfect antidote to a grey Dubai day.

A white plate with a square piece of lasagna on it.

DineNest’s Cheese Trio Penne Pasta

Our Growth Manager, Aaiza, loves a cheesy pun – so it’s no wonder her favorite dish on the LUNCH:ON menu is the Cheese Trio Penne Pasta from DineNest. Not only is it deliciously creamy and cheesy but it is a great opportunity to use one of her many cheese-related puns! She doesn’t care if it’s cheesy – she thinks it’s grate! (See what we mean…)

A bowl filled with chicken and pasta in a cheesy sauce.

We love it when our teammates from our global offices come to visit the Dubai office and get to use the LUNCH:ON menu! We love hearing what our teammates’ favorite dishes are but we also want to know what your favorite dishes on LUNCH:ON are! Let us know in the comments below!

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